3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy

With COVID-19 still affecting how the world conducts business in a face-to-face setting, developing your own focussed and effective digital marketing strategy is more important than ever.

Not only so that your business is simply able to continue expanding, but also because utilising the various platforms, tools, and techniques gifted to you through the world of digital will enable you to grow your business & adapt your offering in ways that, previously, you might not have thought possible.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

A misconception to quash right away is the idea of a ‘strategy’ as being a huge, possibly more corporate project that doesn’t apply to you. This simply isn’t true. A digital marketing strategy doesn’t have to consist of a huge report at all, and it certainly applies to all manner of businesses when it comes to their online presence.

A digital marketing strategy is simply a framework that will guide you to identify & establish key objectives for your business within the digital landscape, and thus will give you more opportunity to gain from the time you apply to building your brand presence online.

Sounds good, right? As if you needed any more convincing, here are our top 3 reasons why you should be thinking about creating your very own digital marketing strategy for 2020 and into 2021:

A strategy gives you direction

Without a focus or an understanding of where you want to get with, well, just about anything, you end up being directionless. The same goes for your digital marketing efforts. Without the application of a strategy, your business won’t only be less likely to reach its full potential online, but there’s also an increased likelihood that you won’t spend the time learning about the various resources available to you digitally that could help your business boom in the digital landscape.

A strategy helps you define your target market

Without knowledge of these online tools, it’s unlikely that you’ll utilise the free sets of data available to you across countless digital marketing resources – such as various social media platforms, email marketing tools, and Google Analytics. Without this information to hand, you’re lacking a key understanding of both who your target audience is, and how these individuals are interacting with your business content online.

Whereas, spending the time creating a digital marketing strategy will help grow your awareness of these tools & resources, allowing you to create literal profiles for your target audiences, and understand what these audiences think of your business offerings.

A strategy makes you agile

As soon as COVID-19 hit and the lockdown measures began, we all became starkly aware of the importance of having an online business presence. Whether or not you had this online presence prior to the lockdown measures, it’s undeniable that the application of an effective digital marketing strategy could have equipped you to transition from a mixture of face-to-face and digital marketing, to a purely digital method of promoting & managing your business. You might also have had more of an understanding as to how you might communicate with your customers during this time, and so continue to rally support around you and the growth of your business.

In the context of a growing and changing world, therefore, the creation and application of a digital marketing strategy for all businesses is incredibly significant.